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Team Jumping


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Here’s a cooperative jump rope activity for grades 4-8.  
Submitted by Amy Tischler, Livonia, Michigan.   

Background: This cooperative jump rope challenge is great to use in conjunction with Jump Rope for Heart or anytime during the school year.

- 2 Jump Ropes per group
- 1 Team Jumping Sheet per group
- 1 Pencil per group
- 1 Calculator per group
- Music

Set-Up: Divide the students into groups of 3-5 participants. Each group is provided with two jump ropes, a Team Jumping worksheet, a pencil, and a calculator. Assign each group to a space in the gym.

How We Do It: Each group must predict the number of jumps they think they can perform in the specified number of minutes (we use 8 minutes). They write this prediction on their Team Jumping worksheet. They also write the names of each jumper on the sheet.

We use music to signal when the activity is to begin. As soon as the music starts, up to two people from each team may begin jumping. Each jumper will count the number of jumps he completes without a miss. They continue jumping until they make a mistake or need a rest.

Recording the Jumps: At that time, they give the rope to another member of their team and then record their jumps under “Round 1″ next to their own name. The next time it is their turn, they will record their number of Jumps under “Round 2″ next to their name.

This continues for 8 minutes. When the 8 minutes expire, each group must calculate each jumper’s total, and then calculate a team total. We usually announce the team that came the closest to their prediction and the team that performed the most jumps. My students love this activity!

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