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Teaching a Back Roll


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A good way to teach a back roll.  
Submitted by Loraine Prinsze, Camp Verde, Arizona.  Grades K-3.  

For a safe and successful back roll, use two accordion-style tumbling mats. Place one folded mat on the floor with the second mat open with the first section overlapping the bottom mat. Here’s how we do it:

1. Facing away from the “ramp,” the student sits on the front edge of the folded mat.

2. Hands are placed on either side of the head and push away when contacting the mat.

3. Stay in a tucked position, keeping the nose close to the knees.

4. Fall (roll) back, keeping the knees close to the chest.

5. As the student rolls down the “ramp,” encourage him to pull his knees over his head (stay tucked).

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