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Teacher Tips

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Here are three good ideas for grades K-6.  
Submitted by Beverly Tiernan, South Lyon, Michigan.


Scooter Licenses: Here are three ideas I would like to share with you! The first one is our “Scooter License.” Since I use scooters as a station, I need the students to follow specific directions to insure that the station stays safe for all students. At the beginning of the year, we go over all scooter safety rules.

At the end of class, all students receive a “scooter license,” which enables them to operate a scooter in class. If they fail to follow the rules, their license is suspended until the next time we have scooters. There is a spot for their picture, just like on their parents’ license. I also use this activity to discuss the need of the importance of following directions (listen, ask questions, do the task) and the consequences of not following directions.

“Visit Us at Our Gymsite”: At the beginning of the year, I take pictures of all of my P.E. students on the first day of class. I then display the pictures in the hall outside the gym. In keeping with our new emphasis on technology, I transformed a bulletin board into our “webpage;” the pictures were displayed on floppy discs with the teacher’s name on the label.

“Fitness Rules”: In order to spotlight those classes who did the best on the fitness testing, I made a bulletin board. I determined which third, fourth, and fifth grade class had the best percentage on each fitness test. Their class name was put under the crown and category on the board.

We also have a Fitness King and Queen for each grade. This helps to congratulate both individual and team achievement on the fitness testing.

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