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An extremely simple, but challenging game that can be played by students in elementary to high school.


  • Two Tchoukball Rebounders or suitable “pitchback-type” rebound nets
  • Medium-sized Gatorskin or other suitable ball
  • Gym floor tape or polyspots to mark the Goal Semi-Circle (Forbidden Zone)
  • Pinnies or vests to designate each team


The game of Tchoukball (pronounced “Chook-ball”) combines the elements of three different games – team handball, volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee – to make a fast-paced and exciting cardiovascular fitness activity. The game can be played indoors (basketball court-sized area) or outside on a grassy field. Two rebound nets are placed at the end of the playing area as seen below.

Forbidden Zone:

A restraining area (large semi-circle or rectangle) is designated in front of each of the rebounders by using floor tape, polyspots, or small cones. Players are not allowed inside this area.

Players Per Team:

To maximize student participation and involvement, no more than seven players are typically on a team. Five players per team usually provide good opportunities for all players to be involved and participating at a high level.


As mentioned before, this is an excellent game for throwing and catching skills. For example, a point is scored when a throw hits the rebounder and flies back into the field of play without being caught by an opponent. This places a special empha- sis on catching skills for the defense and throwing with accuracy and power for the offense. If the ball does not clear the Forbidden Zone, a point is not scored. As in the games of volleyball and squash, players are constantly looking to find those areas on the court that are not being covered by the defense.

Tchoukball Rules

  • A team can score at either of the two rebound nets. For example, there are no designated sides or rebounding nets.
  • Tchoukball is a non-contact sport. Players are not allowed to guard opponents, intercept passes, or purposely interfere with a ball thrown at the rebound net.
  • Tchoukball’s “Rules of 3.” In the game of Tchoukball, a player with the ball may take up to three steps or hold the ball for 3 seconds.
  • Tchoukball’s “Rules of 3.” Additionally, a team is only allowed three passes before throwing the ball at a rebound net.
  • A ball rebounding off the net that is caught by an opponent is instantly in play. A ball that is dropped (or hits the ground) is given to the opposite team as in the game of Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Rebounds may not be immediately thrown back at the rebound net. At least one pass to a teammate must be completed before shooting at the rebound net.
  • After a score is made, the ball is given to a player on the other team where the ball hit the floor. Again, at least one pass must be completed to a teammate before shooting at the same rebound net.
  • Tchoukball’s “Rules of 3.” A team is only allowed three throws at the same rebound net. After the third throw, the team has to use the other rebound net.
  • The game is started by giving the ball to a team at the center of the playing area.
  • After scoring a point, the opposite team throws in the ball from behind the rebound net as in the game of basketball. Again, at least one pass must be completed to a teammate before shooting at the same rebound net.
  • Lastly, a thrown ball hitting the frame of the rebound net is “dead.” The ball is given to the other team and put into play from behind the rebound net.
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