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Target Frisbee

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Background: Here’s a fun activity that combines basic monetary math skills with frisbee target accuracy skills.


- 12-foot target parachute (this is a parachute that has numerous circles and looks like a target)
- Numbered polyspots and popsicle sticks
- Frisbees

Set-Up: Label and place the polyspots on the parachute rings. Each ring is designated a certain number of points, either 1, 5, 10, or 25 cents. Label numerous popsicle sticks with the same penny, nickel, dime, quarter point value. Divide the class into 4-6 teams, each with a Frisbee. Place each team at a spot equal distance from the parachute.

How We Play It: On the teacher’s signal, each team leader will throw the Frisbee at the parachute. Any team whose Frisbee lands completely inside one of the rings earns the appropriate popsicle stick (tally stick). The students awaiting their turns in each team must keep the sticks organized at the end of their line. Once every student in line has had a turn, count the number of points for each team and continue as time permits.

Variations: (1) Instead of â”tally sticks,” use plastic play money coins. (2) Place computer-generated exercise cards on the rings. The team whose Frisbee lands on that ring has to complete the exercise before they are given their points.

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