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Super Hooper Stretch

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Matt Dykstra from Omaha, Nebraska submitted this good stretching warm-up for grades K-2.

Looking for a fun way to stretch or warm-up? Here’s an activity that we use with our K-2 students, although it can be modified for grades 3-5.

Topic/Theme: Physical Fitness – warm-up and stretching

Equipment: A drum and enough hula hoops for each student, plus one or two extra hoops.

Objective: To combine locomotor skills, listening skills, stretching, and rhythms into an interactive warm-up activity.

How We Play: Each student begins inside one hoop. The teacher leads one stretch while they are in the “stretch zone” (hoop). After the stretch, play the drum (borrowed from the music teacher) to a designated beat: slow beat — the students walk; fast beat — they jog. When the drumbeat stops, all students find a hoop and perform the teacher-led stretch. This continues until all desired stretches have been completed.

Variations: Play the drum quietly so the students must tip-toe to the beat or play it loud and have them stomp to the beat. Along with striking the drum head with a mallet, I will strike the rim and make a “ticking” sound. When this happens, the kids know they must stop and clap the rhythm. Then I will start up the walking and jogging beats again. This is a great activity. Our students love it!

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