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Super Ball

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Work on passing and team cooperation with this great indoor “ultimate style” game.


  • Cones
  • Hula hoops
  • 1 foam ball
  • Duct tape

For each game, make two makeshift goals of cones and hula hoops. Secure the hula hoop upright by duct taping the hula hoop between two cones. Place the goals on each side of the playing area. Play on a basketball court-sized area.

This game is played like Ultimate Frisbee. In this game, the foam ball is given to one team to start play. Once a player has possession of the ball, he cannot run, but may pivot on one foot looking to either score a goal or pass the ball to an open player. When the ball is thrown through the goal, the team scores 5 points. After each score, the ball is given to the other team as the game continues.

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