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Sugar Relay

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Here is a fun nutrition based relay activity for grades K-3.  
Submitted by Alice Sloan and Brenda Shaver, Alvin, Texas.  

This is a fun relay activity that has helped our students to be better aware of the amount of sugar in various foods and learn how to eat in moderation foods with sugar.


  • Paper plates (one per team)
  • 24-36 sugar cubes in a large Ziploc bag (one per team)
  • Laminated food pictures with the amount of sugar, in teaspoons, written on the back.

How to Play the Game:

Form relay teams at the sides of your playing area. Provide each team with a paper plate and a bag of sugar cubes. Place a grocery bag with the food pictures in the center of the circle.

One child from each team runs to the bag and pulls out a food picture. They return to their team and look at the back of the picture for the amount of sugar. They count out the number of sugar cubes for their picture and place the sugar cubes on their paper plate. They leave their picture in their team area. Each child takes a turn getting a picture.

After each team is finished, the students can show their food pictures and how much sugar they accumulated on their plate. They can make comparisons to the other teams. Who has the most sugar? Who has the least sugar?

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