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Student-Led Warm-Up Activities

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Here are two very popular warm-up activities.  
Submitted by Michael Beringer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  3-8  



Background: Here are two great warm-ups that my students love to do! We’re always looking for warm-up activities or games to excite my students about physical education. We also want warm-ups that actively engage our K-8 students. These suggestions are for intermediate and older students.

Step Right Up!

- Polyspots
- CD player and music


Description: Place the polyspots in lines as shown. The students stand on a polyspot, but leave the first row empty. When the music starts, the first person in each row will step up to the spot and face their group (column). They are now the group leader. Everyone else moves up one spot. The leader then performs an easy stretch or an exercise for their group. We discuss with the students that stretches should be static and exercises are more dynamic in nature. On the whistle, the leader then goes to the end of the line, and the next person in line becomes the leader. This continues until the music stops.

Exercise Puzzles


- Exercise Puzzles and bags
- CD player and music
- Cones

Set-Up: Divide the class into six groups. Set up the six activity stations using the cones and a bag of 10 Exercise Puzzles. Examples of Exercise Puzzles are provided below:


How We Do It: On the signal to start (music), each group dumps the puzzle pieces out and puts each puzzle together. As a group member solves a puzzle, the completed puzzles are put in a column. Once they have all their puzzle pieces together, have the group raise their hands.

The teacher will then check to see that all the puzzles have been put together correctly. Once checked, the group begins performing each exercise one at a time. When each group finishes the exercises, the students repeat them in the same order until the music stops. In this way, they don’t rush to be the first group done.

Variations: Have the students arrange the exercises from hard to easy or easy to hard!!

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