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Start with your Heart

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Here are two Valentines Day games for grades K-5.  
Submitted by Kurt Bartel, Northville, Michigan.


Background: Here are two ideas that we use to celebrate Valentines Day. Have fun!

Heart Power

How We Play It: This activity is a fun warm-up for your 2nd-5th grade students. You”ll need two red pinnies, two red hula hoops, and 3 x 5″ index cards (exercise valentines).

Two students are selected to be Cupid and wear the red pinnies. The other players will run, skip, power walk, and gallop around the gym as directed by the teacher. You can select a different locomotor skill for each round. If a player is tagged by a cupid, he must go to the red hoop and stand in it. Another player who had not been tagged goes to the teacher to get a “valentine.”

Have a Healthy and Happy Heart! That student delivers the “valentine” to the player in the hoop who then leaves the hoop and goes to a designated area, reads the valentine and does the exercise. Examples of exercises we have used included: “Your heart loves jumping jacks; do 30;” “Do 20 curl-ups and your tummy will love you.”

About 5-8 pre-made exercise valentines work well for a class of 25. After completing the exercise, the student returns the card to the teacher and continues with the game. The simple exercise instructions written on the index cards also incorporates reading into your program. Players delivering valentines may not be tagged by cupid.

Have a Heart PE Super Stars

Background: Another great idea is our “Have a Heart PE Super Stars.” This is a student recognition program that has worked at our school with great success.

Materials Needed:
- Digital camera
- Construction paper and/or other materials for the bulletin board

How We Do It: We use a bulletin board in the gym to help recognize and reward positive student behavior. During the school year, we use our school’s digital camera to take pictures of students who deserve recognition.

Requirements to qualify include:

1.) being a positive role model by following the rules,

2.) setting a good example by helping others, and

3.) showing you care by trying your best.

The students’ pictures are attached to a star-shaped background, laminated, and placed on the bulletin board. The students take them home at the end of the year.

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