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Star Wars

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Paul Shimon from Arkansas City, Kansas submitted this great tag game.  Grades 2-6.



Here’s the “Star Wars” triology in a fun tag game format!

Equipment: Traffic cones, one long jump rope, flag football belts, and the “Star Wars” sound track and tape player.

Game #1: Star Wars

Procedure: Divide the class into four groups. Each group can name their Star or substation a name associated with the movie. For example, the “R2D2′s,” the “C3PO’s,” the “Han Solos,” or “Princess Leias.”

Choose Darth Vader and send him/her to the middle of the long jump rope which serves as the Empire’s ship. Darth points with both hands simultaneously to two of the four substations and shouts “Star Wars!” The people he pointed to must attempt to switch places with each other while Darth Vader attempts to grab their flags. Those tagged go to the center of the flagship and help Darth catch others. Flags taken can be left in the ring until the next game. Remember only Darth does the pointing. Begin a new game when you decide or when there are fewer than half of the players remaining.

Game #2: The Empire Strikes Back

Procedure: Divide the class into two groups — “The Empire” and “The Force.” All of the players are wearing flag football belts.The Empire players are stationed in the spaceship. The members of the Force are scattered around the spaceship (long jump rope).

How to Play: The Empire players count to ten, then attempt to take the Force players’ flags. If one flag is taken, it is returned and play continues. Once the same player loses the flag a second time he is “captured” and sits down in the spaceship. Flags must be taken by two different players. Allow 5 minutes per side for this game. When time is up the teams reverse roles.

Game #3: Return of the Jedi

Procedure: Students form two lines. The Jedi, one from each line, run through the center with a flag hanging like an animal’s tail. Students attempt to snatch the Jedis’ flags as they run the gauntlet.

No one should step in front of the Jedi or block them. If a Jedi makes it to the end of the gauntlet, a round of applause is in order. If a flag is captured, the puller tosses the flag behind his or her back and the Jedi must retrieve it and go to the end of the gauntlet. A Jedi who successfully runs the gauntlet switches lines when they reach the end.

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