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Star Wars Adventures

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Stephen Govorko from Mishawaka, Indiana submitted this obstacle course for grades K-6.

Background: This adventure-based obstacle course takes place aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer. Your objective is to successfully negotiate each adventure (obstacle) in order to get to the Deep Galactic Core. This is a huge region of old stars and interstellar matter in the shape of a ball (Omnikin ball). I hope your students enjoy it as much as ours did!

Watch Out! Beware of the droids and sand people (taggers) who want to hold you captive. If you are tagged, you must return to the beginning of the adventure and start again. However, if you see someone coming, protect yourself by squatting down and putting both hands on the ground. In addition, the droids and sand people may not tag you if you are in the middle of an adventure. So while you are doing the adventure, there is nothing to fear.

Star War Adventures

#1: Planet Ruuria – The building columns (tires) are all that remain from an ancient Zoota culture from the planet Ruuria. You must walk on the tires to keep from falling into the Shifting Sands. If you fall off a tire, you must go back to the beginning of the course. If you are able to cross planet Ruuria, move to the next adventure.

#2: Roche Asteroid Field- You must safely cross the asteroids (hoops) that are locked in orbit in the Roche Star System. The Verpine species live among the asteroids. Use the scooter boards to cross this obstacle.

#3: Mysterious Planet of Roon – This mysterious planet (crawl tunnel) is dark and cold, trapped from perpetual light. Beware of the droids and sand people who want to capture you!

#4: Maze at Bespin – Bespin is a gaseous planet in the star system. You are to go through a maze of mats. Don’t make a wrong turn; you may find yourself in the sand people’s secret hideaway!

#5: Passage Along Dagobah – This is the sparsely populated swamp planet which is shrouded in mist. You must use the balance beam and climbing rope to cross the swamp. You must walk on the beam and then swing over the water to get across.

#6 : Docking Bay 94 – This is one of the holding bays in the spaceport. It consists of a long, dark entrance ramp and restraining wall that surrounds a shallow pit. You will crawl slowly and carefully through the bays. Be quiet; you would not want to run into the species on the other side of the bay.

#7: Spirit Tree – The Spirit Tree of Endor’s Moon is considered to be the original tree of the forest. Climb the cargo net and touch the fruit (balloons) and come down.

#8: Space Station Scardia – You are near the end of your adventure and almost to the Deep Galactic Core. You must prepare yourself for the completion of the adventure. To accomplish this task, use a short jump rope to complete 10 jumps.

#9: Deep Galactic Core – Between the perimeter of Galactic Core and the very center of the galaxy is the Deep Galactic Core. This huge region of old stars and interstellar matter is in the shape of a large ball (Omnikin ball). After you touch the ball, exit quickly before the sentries guarding the Core see you. As you leave the core, you will find you are ready to start the adventure again!

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