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Stack and Jump


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Who says you can’t get fit with Cup Stacking?!
Try this fun and challenging activity designed for your upper elementary students.

Provide each student with a stack of three cups and a “Cup Stacking Fitness Score Sheet.” Assign students to groups of three or four and select a stacking pattern (3-3-3, 6-6, 3-6-3, and 1-10-1 work best) for this activity.

On the teacher’s signal, the students stack the cups up in the designated pattern. After stacking up, the students jump over the stack. Once on the other side, the players “stack down” the cups, stack the cups back up, and jump over the up stack once again. The pattern for this activity is:

  • Stack up,
  • Jump over,
  • Stack down and repeat.

Challenge the players to keep track of the number of cycles they are able to complete during each 1-minute round.


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