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Sports Trivia

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A great classroom management suggestion for grades 3-6.
Submitted by Jerry Aronowitz, Neenah, Wisconsin. 


One of the biggest problems we have at our elementary school comes at the end of the Physical Education class. When students are asked to line up, they rush to the door to be the first in line.

The way I have solved this problem is by asking a multiple choice question based on the day’s lesson. At the end of class, I ask a sports question relating to the activity we were doing that day.

Based on the number of possible answers, I have the students walk to a designated section of the gym.

As an example, I might ask, “How many fouls before you are out of a high school basketball game?

If you think the answer is 4 go to “A,” 5 go to “B,”, 6 go to “C,” or 7 go to “D.”

Students then walk to the area of the gym that they believe corresponds to the correct answer. The group that answered the question correctly gets to walk and line up first.

This management strategy really works for us.

Try it!

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