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Softball Treasure Hunt


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Brian Devore from Hiram, Georgia submitted this fun lead-up game for grades 2-3.



  • 48 colored index cards
  • 12 large polyspots
  • 4 cones

Background: Want a fun game to help your younger students understand how to run the bases in order? Try playing Softball Treasure Hunt!

Set-Up: Select three students to be your helpers. Each helper is assigned to a base. Divide the rest of the class into four teams – Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Color the 48 index cards so that there are 12 red, 12 blue, 12 yellow, and 12 green cards. This is the “treasure.” Shuffle the cards. Give each helper approximately one third of the cards. The helpers stand by their assigned bases.

Show the students how to run the bases. Now have the class form one long line, with the teams lined up together. For example, the players on the Red team are lined up first, then Blue, Yellow, and Green. Have the helpers place their first card under the poly spot. On the starting signal, the first player in line will run the bases, stopping at each poly spot to see if the card under it matches his team”s color. If it does, he picks the card up, and if it doesn”t match, he puts it back and runs to the next base, checking under it for a color match and so on. After circling the bases, the student goes home and touches the cone for the next student to go.

The helpers are responsible for placing a new card under their poly spots when it is taken by one of the runners. The game is continuous and ends when every team finds all of their 12 “treasure” cards.

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