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Soccer Golf

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Here’s a fun lead-up game for grades 3-8.  
Submitted by By Ron Beaudoin, Latham, New York


This is a fun and challenging soccer lead-up activity that has proven successful with our upper elementary students.

Equipment: Soccer balls and a large playing field.

Objectives: This game reinforces kicking and punting for accuracy while playing soccer.

How We Play It: Each child has a partner and a soccer ball. One person stands on a line and the partner stands behind him or her. On the teacher’s signal, the player on the line kicks the ball as far as possible anywhere onto the playing field.

The kicker then runs and stands behind their ball wherever it has stopped. The partner has to see how many kicks it takes to make contact with the other player’s ball. Each kick is counted as a stroke. When the partner’s ball contacts the soccer ball in the field, both players return to the starting line and switch roles. The object is for one player to beat the score of the other player.


1. Use a goalie style punt for the initial kick instead of kicking from the ground.

2. If partners only have one ball, the first player stands where the ball stopped and returns the ball by rolling it to the partner. Use feet as a target instead of a ball.

3. Award children who get a “hole in one.”

Teacher Tip: For safety reasons, use a whistle to signal when it is safe to stand by the soccer ball. In other words, all of the students wait until the teacher blows the whistle before running to stand behind the ball.

Please feel free to modify this activity to suit the skill levels of your students. Have fun!

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