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Snowball Fight

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This is a fun K-3 Christmas game for practicing  throwing skills.  
Submitted by Tim Elrod, Conover, North Carolina.  


Snowball Fight is my K-3 students’ favorite Christmas game. It’s a great game for practicing throwing skills. The real beauty of the activity is its simplicity – the students throw ”snowballs” at the ”tree” targets.


  • 34 green 3-liter soda bottles (Christmas trees)
  • 36 fleece balls (snowballs)
  • Christmas music
  • Tape X’s on the gym floor to mark where the Christmas trees are placed

Rules of the Game: The rules are very basic-

1. Divide the class into two groups. Each group is placed on one side (tree farm) of the gym. Each student picks up a fleece ball.

2. On the teacher’s signal, the players may throw only at the other team’s bottles (trees) – not at their opponents.

3. Players may only pick up a maximum of two balls at a time.

4. If a bottle is knocked down on your side, simply set it back up on the ”X.”

5. Guarding the trees is allowed – just as long as the person guarding the tree is not touching it.

Safety Tip: Do not allow your students to kick at the balls to deflect the shots.This should prevent anyone from being kicked while bending down to pick up a ball or tree.

Teaching Tip: Do not set up the equipment prior to introducing this game for a Kindergarten or 1st grade class. If you allow them to”plant” the trees on their own farm they will develop a better understanding as to where to replace the trees when they get knocked down during play.

Then just crank up the Christmas music and watch your children play their little hearts out!! We never keep score with this game – our approach is ”If You Had Fun – You Won!”

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