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Sneak Attack


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“For the next activity, you must listen to the rules very carefully in order to be successful. If you do not work together, the game will not work.”

In this game, the class is divided into six different groups and assigned to a hula-hoop. The teacher will set up the equipment in advance with each hula hoop having six different pieces of equipment in it (bean bag, birdie, wrist band, blueberry ball, soccer ball, cardboard cone).

The object of this game is to be the first group to get all six of their objects in their hoop. When a group gets all six pieces of their equipment, they sit down and raise their hands.
Each group stands at their hula-hoop. The teacher assigns each group a specific piece of equipment. For example, Group #1 = soccer ball, Group #2 = birdie, etc. On the teacher’s signal, the first students from each group run to another hoop, takes their group’s object and returns. The returning students “high five” the next student in line, and goes to the end of the line. When a group sits down, the other students may continue to take their objects from the hula hoop in order to complete the given task.

Students are not allowed to guard a hoop or throw the equipment.

Before the game, the teacher will remind the students that if the whistle is blown (or the music stops) they must freeze. This is used if the teacher needs to quickly say something or provide additional instructions.

In playing this game with our students, it was interesting to see how each group was encouraging to their players.

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