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Shuffle Hustle

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Work with a partner to accomplish a variety of exercises from the fitness components and make activity choices together.

- Several decks of playing cards
- Small card container
- 4 signs with the four suits printed on them (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades)
- Music


CLASS SET-UP Designate the four activity stations by placing a cone near each corner of the playing area. Each cone has the name or symbol of the suit taped to it. Place a small container in the center of the area. The container holds the shuffled cards. Additionally: There will need to be a set of cards with equal numbers of Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades in it. These will be used to divide your students into four groups.

HOW TO PLAY Begin “Shuffle Hustle” by passing out the set of cards to your students. Each student will have a card. When the music starts, the students partner-up by finding another student with the same suit (“Spades”) and go to the “Spades” Activity Station.

ACTIVITY STATIONS Each of the four activity stations has a list of exercises shown below:
- Hearts – Core Strength: Crab Walk, Prone Plank, Arm and Leg Raise, Yoga Poses.
- Diamonds – Upper Body Strength: Bicep Curls, High Five Push-Ups, Tricep Dips with leg extensions.
- Clubs – Lower Body Endurance: Wall Sits, Frog Jumps, Step Touches with endurance bands, Lunges.
- Spades – Flexibility: Windmills, Toe Touches, Butterfly 5-count, Left and Right Overhead Side Stretch.



PARTNER FITNESS TIME! The two partners add their two cards together to determine the number of repetitions of each exercise they will do. Any face card is ten and aces are one.

For example,
- 7 and Jack = 17 repetitions
- King and Ace = 11 repetitions
- 5 and 4 = 9 repetitions

When done with the exercises, each stu- dent gives his card to the teacher, gets a new card from the container, and finds a new partner to continue the activity.

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