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Shoot Out Kickball

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Here’s a neat softball lead-up for elementary students.  
Submitted by Beth Bolen from Cartersville, Georgia.  2-5



Background: This is a lead-up game for softball that we use with our elementary students. The games consists of a kicking team and a fielding team.


- Kickball/Gatorskin ball/Soccer ball
- Small portable basketball goal
- 4 bases
- Kicking tee (a rubber mat with a round hole cut in the middle to keep the ball from rolling)

Set-Up: Place the bases, basketball goal, and kicking tee mat as shown in the diagram. The fielding team is scattered in the field.


How We Play It: The ball is placed on the kicking tee. The first player on the kicking team will kick the ball into the outfield and run the bases. The players in the outfield retrieve the ball and throw it to one of the two de-signated shooters who stand by the portable basket. The kicker may run to as many bases as possible. When a basket is made by one of the shooters, play stops. The other rules include:

(1) The kicker is safe as long as he is on a base when the basket is made. If he is off the base when the basket is made, he is out. This is true for any of the runners who are on base.

(2) After all of the kickers have had a turn, the teams change sides.

(3) The kicker is not out if the ball is caught in the air. The ball still needs to be thrown to the shooter who must shoot until a basket is made.

(4) Score one point for each run scored, as in the game of baseball.

(5) For older students, the ball may be rolled by a pitcher.

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