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Shark Island

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Robert Brochu from Somerset, Massachusetts submitted this good game that encourages cooperation.  4-8 

Background: Here’s a great activity that reinforces group process and cooperation skills.


- Scooters
- Long jump ropes
- Mats


Set-Up: Divide the class into groups of 5-8 players as shown. The object of the activity is to get your team from one side of the gym to other.

How We Do It: To start the game, tell the students they have been shipwrecked (a la “Lost”) on an island. After searching the island, they realize they are temporarily safe, but there is no fresh water or food.

In the distance, they see another small island (mat). This is “safe land” with plenty of water and food. On further searching the island, they find a small boat (scooter) and a length of rope. What will they do? Can they get all of the members of their group to the island in time?

Shark Island: They also notice that there are sharks in the water between the two islands. So while they may use the scooter and rope, they may not touch the gym floor at any time. If they do, they are quickly gobbled up by the nasty sharks. Also, students may not stand on the scooters. Other than that, each group must find a way to use the available equipment to get across in the alloted time. Good luck!

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