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Seasonal Station Activities

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Here are some good seasonal activities for grades K-3.  
Submitted by Elise Studer Smith, Sunman, Indiana.


Background: Here are a few of our favorite seasonal station activities that our students have really enjoyed over the years.

The Haunted Forest (Halloween)

Station: Activity:

#1: Pumpkin Patch Ride: Students must lay on the scooter, moving in and around the pumpkins (plastic bags) using hands and arms to propel the scooter.

#2: Pumpkin Paddle: Volley the balloon, keeping it from touching the ground for as long as possible.

#3: Broomstick Ride: Using partners, one player sits on the broomstick (scooter) and holds the broomstick handle (handles of jump rope) as his or her partner pulls the scooter for one lap around the outside of the graveyard (basketball court).

#4: Ghostbusters: Using a hockey stick, see if you can knock over the ghost (bowling pins) with the pucks. Stick must stay below knee height.

#5: Jumping Jack-O-Lanterns: Practice jumping rope so you will have the aerobic endurance you may need on Halloween night to outrun any goblins that may chase you.

#6: Flying Ghosts: With a whiffleball bat, hit the ghost (a whiffleball in a white hose) off the batting tee. Your partner will retrieve the ghost.

#7: Soccer Ghouls: See if you can take out a ghoul by hitting it (bowling pins) with the soccer ball. Put mats behind bowling pins to stop the soccer ball.

#8: Haunted House: Lay on a scooter and use your arms to move you through the haunted house (mats with a parachute put over the top) one at a time.

Teacher Tips: Let your students work 2-4 minutes per station. Clap your hands twice and say, “Straighten up your station and sit quietly and I will know you are ready to rotate.”

Winter Wonderland (Christmas)

Background: “Boys and girls, welcome to the “Winter Wonderland” where you will have a chance to practice many of the skills you have learned this year.”

Station: Activity:

#1: Stuff the Stocking: Have three yarnballs in a hula hoop. The students put the toys (balls) in the stocking (basketball goal). “How many toys can you put in the stocking?”

#2: Santa on the Roof Tops: Santa walks across the balance beam (roof top) to the end, loses his balance and rolls (forward, backward, or log roll) down the roof (wedge mat).

#3: Snowball Fights: Have koosh balls in a hula hoop and bowling pins on a balance beam or bench. “How many pins can you knock over with the snowballs?”

#4: Put the Head on Frosty: Have volleyballs in a hula hoop. A picture of Frosty is drawn on white paper with a black top hat, leaving room for the head. Can you throw the volleyball and hit the spot where Frosty”s head should be? Put the last snowball (volleyball) in the head position for Frosty.

#5: Christmas Box Relay: Plain boxes (3-4) in various sizes, wrapped in Christmas paper. Students must each take a turn carrying the balanced stacked gift boxes down and around a certain point and back to win. If a box is dropped they must come back and start over.

#6: Candy Cane Jump: Using the jump rope, skip to the North Pole (traffic cone) and back.

#7: Penguin Waddle: Walk to the North Pole (traffic cone) and back with a ball or balloon between your legs. Put the ball in the deck ring when not in use.

#8: Reindeer Races: The students use a scooter board to “fly” to the North Pole (traffic cone) and back. Students lie on the scooter board and use their arms to move.

Teacher Tip: Use appropriate Christmas songs as background music. When the music stops, it”s the signal for the students to rotate to the next station.

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