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Scooter Scatter

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Here’s a good fun game for grades 3-8.  
Submitted by Bernadette FitzPatrick-Myers, Kansas City, Missouri.


This is one of my students’ favorite games. It provides quite a workout, yet is so much fun they don’t think of this as work. It is also a game where I can play with them and they love trying to put me out!


  • One cageball
  • Plenty of scooters

How We Play It: The game is played in the gym. Pass out the scooters to all but six students. Those students with the scooters are instructed to sit on them and are told that once the game starts they can move in any direction using arms and legs for propulsion. Those without scooters sit together on the sideline.

Bring out a cageball and explain that they are “out” if (1) the cageball touches them anywhere above the ankle or (2) they fall off the scooter. When they are out they immediately pick up their scooter, walk over to the first person in line, hand the scooter to that person, and walk to the end of the line where they wait for their next turn. That turn usually comes within a minute. If the cageball stops moving, a student can use his foot to get it moving again. We use the entire gym, allowing the walls to act as “bumpers” as the cageball rebounds back into play. We have used this game with students as old as 8th grade with great success!

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