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Scooter Pinball

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A hockey lead-up for grades 3-6.  Submitted by Paul Schmaltzt, Kalispell, Montana. Grades 3-6.

Background: We started this game for a way to end our hockey unit. Our students really love this novel scooter hockey game!

- 6 bowling pins
- 2 Gatorskin balls
- 2 different colored sets of jerseys
- 12 to 14 scooters
- 2 eight foot baskets

Set Up: This game is played on a basketball court. Divide the class into four teams. We have 6-8 on a team, depending on the class size. While two teams are playing Scooter Pinball on the gym floor, the other two teams participate in a mini-game of balloon volleyball on the stage. This allows the two teams on the stage to be active as they wait to play Scooter Pinball.

Let’s Play Scooter Pinball: Give the red jerseys to one team and the blue jerseys to the other team. Line up the three pins on each end of the gym. We use our hockey goal area which is a rectangle that is 3 feet wide on each side of the basketball key and 9 feet out. The three pins are placed at the back of the goal area as shown in the diagram.

Students on Scooters: We have a few simple rules for the players on the scooters.

- Each student has a scooter except the goalie.
- Students on the scooters must remain sitting or kneeling.
- Students on the scooters may not steal the ball from an opponent.
- Scooters are not allowed in the goalie box.

Goalies: Each team has a goalie who stands in the goalie box.

- Goalies may not leave the goalie box.
- Goalies block shots, retrieve the ball, and pass it to open players.

How to Play: Start the game with each goalie having a gatorskin ball. The goalies pass the ball to an open player. Once a player gets the ball, he cannot travel with the ball. He now has the opportunity to pass the ball to an open teammate or to knock down one of the pins.

The object of the game is for one team to knock down all three of their opponents- pins and make a basket before their opponent does. The game lasts 5 minutes, unless the above happens first. When the time expires, the team who has knocked down the most pins will be the winner.

Helpful Hints: Encourage your students to get �open- for a pass. Effective passing is the key to this game. Faking the throw is also very useful!

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