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Scooter Kinball Pinball


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Here’s a fantastic team-based scooter game.  
Submitted by Sue Travaglino from Nanuet, New York.  3-6 


Background: This great scooter game is a hit at our school. It takes cooperation and teamwork to score a goal!

- Scooters for half of the class – two different colors
- Kinballs
- Pinnies, if you do not have different colored scooters
- Gym floor tape


Set-Up: Divide the class into two teams. Each team is divided into offense (students on the scooters) and defense (students who are the goalies). The wall at each baseline is the goal. We have panel mats on the wall and the ball must touch the mat in order to be a goal. Otherwise, you can use tape to mark off a 6-foot high goal. The goalies stand in front of the wall/panel mats and must be in the goalie zone (a line about 15 feet from the wall made by using floor tape).

How We Play It: The offensive players for each team are on the scooters. They work together to push or hit the large kinball down the court to score a goal. Begin the game with two kinballs, one for each team. The goalies may move so that the kinball is pushed or hit away from the goal. However, they must stay in the goalie zone. After 2-3 minutes, we rotate the students from offense to defense.

Teacher Tips: (1) We do not allow kicking since the students tend to lean back and fall off the scooters. (2) It is quite difficult to score, but usually the students realize that they must lift the ball up and get it over the heads of the defenders to hit the goal. (3) After a while, add another kinball for each team to use. Or add kinballs of different sizes. (4) You can also allow the students to use any of the other team’s kinballs to score.

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