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Scooby Doo

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This is a nice football lead-up game for grades 3-8.  
Submitted by Scott Lustig, Estacada, Oregon.


This is a fun football lead-up game which involves throwing and catching!

Equipment:  4 pinnies and 4 Nerf footballs

How to Play: Four people are selected to be the taggers. Each tagger wears a colored pinnie. Four players are given a football as the rest of the class scatters in the playing area. Here are the rules of the game:

  • When tagged, players must freeze with their arms straight above their heads. At that point, any player carrying a football may call a frozen player’s name to get his/her attention. After making eye contact, the player with the football may pass the ball to the frozen player (no hand-offs).
  • If the ball is caught, the player is unfrozen and back in the game. This player now can unfreeze any other frozen player with a successful pass to that player. If the frozen player drops the ball, s/he remains frozen.
  • The loose ball may be picked up by any free player. A person carrying the football who is tagged must drop the football and freeze with arms in the air. The taggers win if every player is frozen. Pick new taggers after a period of time or when everyone is frozen.

Variations: Try these fun game modifications! 1.) After an unfrozen player makes a successful pass to a frozen player, that frozen player must pass to another frozen player. If successful, both players are unfrozen. 2.) Play this game using different types of balls (basketball, soccer), frisbees, etc. We hope you and your students enjoy this great game!

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