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Santa’s Sleigh

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Here is an interesting K-5 tag game for the winter holiday season.  
Submitted by Scott Lustig, Eagle Creek, Oregon. 


Santa’s Sleigh is a fantastic tag game for all elementary school grade levels. Our kids really look forward to playing this game each year!


1.) A long rope (or two) with bells sewn on the rope. These are reins.

2.) Red circle stickers for Rudolph noses. All reindeer are Rudolph.

3.) Cymbals to simulate the crash.

4.) Four green pinnies for Santa’s elves and one Santa hat.

5.) Christmas music!

Directions: Students line up on either side of the rope (rein), holding it with one hand. Four elves are in front of Santa, but at a distance behind the reindeer. Santa and the elves are moving around the gym with their prancing reindeer. Suddenly, there is a crash (cymbals). The reindeer get free (students drop the reins and run), so Santa and the elves need to round them up to continue the Christmas delivery! Santa and the elves tag the reindeer and send them into a reindeer pen. After all the reindeer are rounded up, pick a new Santa and elves.

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