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Safety on Wheels

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Here’s a fun safety activity for grades 4-6.  
Submitted by Eileen King, Parsippany, New Jersey. 


“Safety on Wheels” is a fun project that we use to incorporate student safety education skills into our physical education program. It”s a great fitness activity too!

Equipment: Gym scooters for at least half the class and a variety of traffic cones, jump ropes, homemade street signs, and other items.

Background: In this activity, we create a “Safety Town” in the gym. The students travel through the town by correctly riding their scooters. For example, when the students approach a stop sign, the correct hand signal is given, indicating they are stopping. Students also give hand signals for right and left turns. At the stop sign is a street name that indicates the fitness activity they must do. For example:

10 Jumping Jack Lane = Do 10 jumping jacks
5 Push-Up Way = Do five push-ups
15 Crunch Terrace = Do 15 crunches
20 Joggers Walk = Jog in place 20 times, etc.

Safety Tic-Tac-Toe: Students waiting their turn can challenge a partner in “Safety in Wheels Tic-Tac-Toe.” In order to place an X or O, the student must correctly identify the traffic sign.

Closing: This has been a fun activity for our students. Our parents and classroom teachers have been very supportive of this novel approach.

Safety Town Diagram

Safety Tic-Tac-Toe

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