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Responsibility Run


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Here’s an idea for another way to warm-up.
This game is for grades 4-5 and was submitted by Reggie Daigle, Latham, New York.


Background Information:
Here’s a neat twist on running/walking laps as a warm-up activity! We often run/walk laps inside the gym as a warm-up activity whenever it is raining. I have noticed that some of the students needed a bit of encouragement during this time. We gave our rainy day warm-up a special name, the “Responsibility Run.”

The Responsibility Run:
During our “Responsibility Run,” each child is given a tennis ball. During the run, each child is responsible for their tennis ball to see that it does not become “lost” or dropped.

Periodically during the run, I exchange my tennis ball with students who are acting responsibly. (“You’re doing such a good job with your ball, I know you can be responsible with this ball.”) This often allows me to exchange balls with students who may need a bit of encouragement or positive reinforcement before we begin our lesson.

We run for about 2-3 minutes. After the run (or at the end of the class period) we spend a short time talking about why we need to be responsible for ourselves, our families, and others.

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