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Reporter Run


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Tina Fugate from Dekalb, Illinois submitted this good warm-up for grades K-8.

Background: This idea was developed as another way to help the students get to know each other and serve as a fun warm-up activity. We call it the “Reporter Run.”

How We Play It: We set the mood by saying that everyone in class will be worldwide reporters for a newspaper. The students pair off and line up on one side of the gym. They have 1 minute to jog and ask questions back and forth to get as much information from each other as they can. After 1 minute, I blow the whistle or play music and then count to 5 out loud. While I am counting to 5, they change partners as fast as they can to start jogging around the gym again and get as much information as they can from the next person.

Rules: If someone asks you to partner up, you must partner up and not go looking for someone else; and you may not have the same partner twice. I found that if I count to 5 they will work really hard to find a partner fast. After five rounds, we sit down and talk about what they learned.

Other: Before we begin, I suggest some of the questions: favorite color, games, what they had for breakfast or lunch, how many people they have in their families, favorite foods, etc.

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