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Recipe for Success


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A nice organization method from Kathy Staton, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Grades K-8.  

Background: I love all the wonderful ideas in Great Activities, but have trouble quickly locating specific activities when I need them (“I know I read that somewhere. Where?”). I used to make notes on the front of each GA Newspaper, but looking at each newspaper to locate a game was time-consuming.

A Great Activities Resource File: I decided to create a resource file by keeping 3″x5″ index cards in a recipe box. Each card has a title at the top. (Examples: soccer, running activities, integrated learning, tennis, volleyball, displays, rewards, behavior, etc.).

When I see an idea I really like, I write it’s name and source on the appropriate card. This makes finding an activity (or thinking of one!) much easier. If I’m looking for a basketball dribbling game or drill, I pull out the “Dribble” card and several ideas, as well as where to find them, are listed.

Other Great Activities: On these cards, I also write names of activities/ideas (and their source) that I have learned from other places too. Examples of these are workshops, conventions, colleagues, from the internet, or books. I have found this to be very helpful in organizing the wealth of information I have available!

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