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Rapid Fire Hockey

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Here is an exciting hockey lead-up game.  
Submitted by Anthony Warden from Archdale, North Carolina.  3-8


Background: Rapid Fire Hockey is a game that incorporates shooting and handling a hockey puck and the chance to score goals for points.


- 2 sets of Big Box Hockey Boards (Sportime)
- 35-40 Hockey pucks
- 6 Hockey sticks
- Floor tape

Set-Up: Divide the class into six teams. For this game, each team will need two sections of the Big Box Hockey Boards and a hockey stick. Since each set comes with six sections, you’ll need two sets. Make a large “V” using the two sections. Each board has three openings where the puck can enter for a score. Since each team has two sections, there are six possible slots to score a goal.

Place the floor tape 6-8 feet from each team’s goal. Players from each team line-up behind this line.

How We Play It: On the teacher’s signal, the first person from each team goes to the center circle and gets a hockey puck and takes it with their hockey stick back to their team. When the student reaches his team’s floor tape, he shoots at the team’s boards. If the puck goes through one of the holes, the team keeps the puck and the stick goes to the next person. If the puck does not go through a hole, the same player retrieves the puck to the shooting line and hands the stick to the next player.

Scoring: Each team keeps the pucks that go through the holes in their boards. Each puck is worth 1 point.

Variations: (1) Some pucks can be worth more than 1 point (different colors). (2) Play as above, but give each team six dome cones. Each time a puck is shot through a particular hole, it is covered with a dome cone. The first team to have all the holes covered is the winner.


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