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Quick Sand Tag

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Kim Loring from Gardner, Kansas submitted this fun tag game for grades 1-3.  

This is a game I use with my 1st – 3rd grade students at the end of my gymnastics unit or on a game day during our gymnastics unit. Since the mats are already set up for my classes, it makes a nice way to use the mats and not have to drag them to the side if my next class is still needing the mats to work on skills. My students love this cooperative activity and it is a nice break from working on tumbling skills.

Equipment:  4-5 mats, 2 vests, 3-4 scarves

Rules: The mats (sand bars) are scattered around the gym. Two students are selected as “taggers.” The taggers are given vests to wear. Three to four other students (depending on class size) are selected to be the “helpers.” Each helper is given a juggling scarf.

The object of the game is to stay away from the “taggers.” While running, the students must watch and not step on the mats. If they do, they become stuck in “quick sand” and must stay there until someone with a scarf comes to rescue them by handing them the scarf. The student who was just saved keeps the scarf and uses it to save someone else who is stuck.

If a student is tagged by the “tagger,” he must go to a “sand bar” and wait for a student with a scarf to save him. Games last for 2-3 minutes. Continue the game with the new “taggers.” If a player with a scarf is tagged or steps on a mat, he must give the scarf to someone on the mat as soon as he steps on the mat. If no one is on the mat at that time, he must give the scarf to the next person who comes to their mat.

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