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Background: Need a “self-regulating” way for keeping your flag football games moving? Try the QB-Tee! The QB-Tee is a new training device that holds a football or basketball. When the ball is removed from the stand, the programmable timer begins to countdown; when the selected time expires the QB-Tee has a buzzer that signals the end of the play or drill. Playing against the clock provides the students an opportunity to become comfortable making split-second decisions and decisive plays in high pressure situations. By constantly adjusting the clock settings, physsical education students and athletes are able to gain the increased speed and precision needed to be more successful.

QB-Tee Football: Here’s an example of one way to integrate the the QB-Tee into your existing program. In this game, there are six players per team.


The quarterback removes the football from the tee and the timer begins to count down. The quarterback may not pass the line of scrimmage and must throw the ball before the buzzer sounds or the play is dead. All of the offense players go out for a pass, while all of the defensive players cover the open receivers. The quarterback gets three throws, then the teams change sides.

The offensive team scores points based on where the ball is caught; either a touchdown (6 points), a field goal (3 points), or an extra point (1 point). Play until every student has had the opportunity to be the quarterback. This eliminates blocking and rushing, gets more people involved as potential receivers, and adds more physical activity to every play. It’s easy, fun, and fast!

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