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Pumpkin Patch

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Wayne Flint from Keswick, Virginia submitted this fun, fast-paced game for grades 3-6.

Background: This game is a combination of “Steal the Bacon” and “Capture the Flag.” It is fast-paced and fun for all!

- Paper food bags
- Poly spots
- Tumbling mats for boundaries
- Ropes to divide gym into halves
- Flag belts (or scarves) for every student

Set Up: Divide the gym into two equal halves by using the ropes and place the poly spots in the middle. Use mats to create a safe boundary at each end of the gym. Crumple the paper food bags so that they resemble a ball (pumpkin). Place them on top of the poly spots at each end of the gym. Be sure that you set up each side so they are identical.

How We Play It: Divide the class into two teams and give every student a flag belt. All players are safe on their side of the court. They may travel across the middle boundary. Once across the midline their belts may be pulled by the opposite team. If a belt is pulled, the student returns to his own mats and performs a task. For example, my second graders are asked to jump rope 25 times or dribble a basketball 10 times.

This allows me to have all kids in a game and gives me the opportunity to observe if the student can perform skills that are a part of Virginia”s P.E. State Standards such a dribbling a basketball or jumping rope.

Knock Over a Pumpkin! The major objective is to cross into the opposite side and knock over one of the pumpkins (crumpled paper bags) with your hand and return without getting caught.

The game resembles somewhat of a modified “free-for-all” shuttle run, with players crossing the centerline, knocking down a pumpkin with their hand, and quickly running back to their side of the court. It’s interesting to watch and really fun to play! Once all of the pumpkins on one side of the court been knocked over, the game is over.

Take it Outside: After your students understand the game rules, move the game outside to a larger space. It really works well using a large playing area!

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