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Practice Challenge Course

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Here’s a great hockey lead-up that works great with grades 3-5.  
Submitted by Nancy Wilsey from Bloomington, Illinois.


Background: Here’s a hockey lead-up activity that has worked well with our students. It’s both fun and challenging for kids!

Needed Equipment:

- Pool Noodles
- Cones
- Domes
- Mats
- Hockey Sticks for every student
- Plastic Pucks
- Old broken hoops (cut the hoops in half, tape up the ends and place the ends in cones to make a tunnel)

Directions: The students are each given a hockey stick and puck. During this activity, the students will use soft taps to dribble the puck around the course. Encourage the students to use straight, zig-zag, and curved pathways to move to open spaces.

Have a student demonstrate how to use soft taps using both sides of the stick and how to use forehand and backhand hits. This incorporates the development of forehand and backhand striking skills which are part of our Illinois state physical education standards.

Teacher Tip: a student has a high stick or is moving out of control, they go to the designated penalty box for 2 minutes.

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