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Pizza Relay

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This is a fun relay game for grades 1-5.  
Submitted by Sandi Lauer and Linda Fuehrmeyer, St. Charles, Missouri.  


We had a great time inventing this relay activity. It’s a great fill-in activity for those times in the year when the kids are a little hyper and ready to go on holidays (times like now!). We team teach, so we were able to keep 60 kids active and alert the whole time.


  • Enough pizza boxes for teams of approximately 3-4 kids – one box per team.
  • 4 cones
  • 2 different signals (ie., whistle to stop, bell to resume)

To have your team make as many deliveries as possible.

The Game:
Layout a rectangular area within your gym boundaries. You will need to use the area outside of this as your track (approximately 10-12 feet). Team members are sitting down with legs off the track. On the first signal – ringing a bell – the first team member takes off around the track area holding the pizza box.

At any time during the activity, when the next signal sounds – blowing a whistle – delivery people need to stop and perform the task on the flash card until the next “resume delivery” signal is sounded. We use large 3″ x 24″ cue cards that we laminated. The game continues in this fashion for a set amount of time. In a 10-12 minute time period, it is not unusual for teams to do over 14 laps. The teams usually consist of 3-4 members.

Cue Cards:

” “Oops, Passed Delivery” – Walk backwards in the opposite direction

” “Pepperoni Push-Ups” – Place box on floor do push-ups over the box.

” “Dropped the Bill” – Balance the box on head and touch the floor.

” “Sausage Sit-Ups” – Balance the box on bent knees and do crunches.

” “Hand-tossed” – Balance the box on palm – switch hands.

” “Stoplight” – Jog in place.

” “Big Foot” – Lying on the back with feet in air – balance the box on the soles of feet.

Safety Rules:

The pizza box must be kept parallel to the floor. If it is dropped, the student goes to the nearest wall and counts to “10.” Remind the students to “angle-in” for pizza transfer when they are handing off the pizza to the next player in line.


The pizza boxes were donated by the local businesses in our area. We end the activity with a short discussion on why it is important to have positive nutrition habits.

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