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Pizza Pie Surprise

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A neat throwing and catching activity for K-3 students.
Submitted by Monica Rader, Marietta, Georgia.


BACKGROUND: Now that you have all those homemade sockballs or pantyhose balls, do you need a game to practice throwing and catching skills? Here’s a neat activity that my younger students enjoy!

Divide the class into two groups. Each group is stationed on one side of the basketball court. The centerline divides the two groups.

Six hula hoops are placed at each end of the basketball court. Each team is given 20-30 sockballs, pantyhose balls, nerf balls, or yarn balls.

Without crossing the center line, the students try to throw the balls so that they land in their opponents’ hoops. When a ball lands inside a “pizza” (a hoop), the hoop is taken away.

When all of the “pizzas” are gone, the game is over.

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