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PE Showcases

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Here’s a great district-wide event that was sent in by Mario Reyna from McAllen, Texas.

Background: In the physical education profession, most of us learn from each other. Our Physical Education Showcases are perfect examples of an event that we conduct in our district because others were willing to share. Special thanks to Roy Alaniz and Roger Rodriguez. Roy introduced me to the event. He is the Wellness Coordinator in the Brownsville Independent School District. Roger is the Health and Physical Education Coordinator in the San Antonio Independent School District. By implementing new ideas observed at the Brownsville and San Antonio programs, our Showcases have blossomed every year. We are currently planning for our 5th annual event this coming year, scheduled for March 2007. (As of this writing – a local business, STONEBRIDGE, has agreed to buy 800 t-shirts for the participants!).

Physical Education Showcases: In the Showcases, we highlight the outstanding quality of our elementary physical education programs.

While it is an optional district-wide event, we have representation from all 19 elementary schools. To keep down-time to a minimum, each Showcase is carefully produced and conducted within a 1-hour time frame.

Equipment/Facility: Due to the huge crowds, our Showcases are held on three different nights at our three high schools. Each gym is prepared in similar fashion to a basketball game night. Luckily, all three of our high schools are equipped with very nice state-of-the-art PA systems. The elementary schools participating in the Showcases bring their own music and equipment.

Grand Finale: At the conclusion of the presentations, we have a grand finale, where all of the children perform in unison. In one of our grand finales, our superintendent, principals, and several school board members also performed with the participants.

Great Public Relations! Over the years, we have been fortunate to have generated fantastic support for our profession through these events. Each of the Showcase brochures includes the names of all participants. Color photos from previous Showcases decorate the cover of the brochure. Additionally, the McAllen ISD’s TV-17 video taped every Showcase and they were given a tremendous amount of air-time on our local district cable station in April and May. Jose Rolando Nava, physical education teacher at Wilson Elementary, states, “The Physical Education Showcases are one of the best things that has ever happened in our physical education department.” Mr. Nava is a 30-year veteran.

Contact Information: If you would like to share your ideas on a similar event or you would like additional information on the PE Showcases, please email Mario Reyna at:

Editor’s Note: I had the pleasure of meeting Mario Reyna and his teachers this past school year. Mario was a physical educator at Zavala Elementary for 22 years and was selected as the 1997 McAllen ISD Elementary Teacher-of-the Year! — Artie

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