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Pass and Shoot

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Here’s a great lead-up game for grades 3-5 from Eileen King, Parsippany, New Jersey.

This is an all-time favorite game for our students. The basic basketball skills of dribble, pass, shoot and rebound are performed. It has proved to be a great lead-up game for basketball.


  • 2 junior or intermediate basketballs (or Nerf balls)
  • 2 hula hoops

How We Play It: Divide the class into two groups and give each student a number. Call out one number. The two players with that number run to their team’s hoop and basketball and pick up the basketball. All sideline players not called run to the basketball key at their designated basket. The person whose number was called passes the basketball to a person on their team and remains standing.

All other players continue to chest pass or bounce pass to teammates, but sit down after passing the ball. The last person to receive the ball passes to the person whose number was called at the team hoop. The numbered player now dribbles to the basket and shoots.

If they do not make a basket, they run to their team”s sideline. Teammates rebound and shoot for a basket. The team making a basket first scores a point. Play continues with a new number being called. Keep track of the numbers so that all of the players are called.

Note: My classes have the opportunity to earn a “Choice Day” once a month. Each time the class meets, the students have the opportunity to receive three sneakers a day on their wall chart. The sneakers are awarded to each class for doing the following three items:

#1: For being prepared to learn at the beginning of class,

#2: For listening throughout the class period, and

#3: For displaying good sportsmanship.

Classes that earn a certain amount of sneakers in a month get a “Choice Day.” This game is so popular with the students that it is often selected for “Choice Day.”

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