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Here’s an interesting soccer lead-up game that is challenging and fun.
By Bob Gallagher

Divide the class into two teams. Each team stands as shown in the diagram. The foam balls are scattered on both sides of the playing area.

This is a great “kicking for accuracy” game that we use to introduce students to the game of soccer. This game is played on a basketball court, using the basketball lane (“paint”) as the target area. In this game, players score points by kicking a ball into the opponent’s “paint.”

When the music starts, the students begin kicking the balls on their side toward the opponent’s “paint.” Each team must stay on their half of the playing area and only kick the balls on their side. The ball must only be kicked while on the floor (no punting). When a ball touches the “paint,” it is a score for the kicking side. Balls are always in play. If desired, allow two players to defend their “paint” by blocking balls with their hands and feet.

There are several variations of this game. Try including the following modifications:

  • Make the scoring area smaller or larger depending on the age of your students.
  • Place cones inside the “paint” as scoring items. Large cones are worth 1 point, small cones, 3 points.

For a throwing version of Paintball, use yarn balls or other soft foam balls.

  • The yarn balls must stay in the “paint” to score. Any ball landing in the paint may not be touched.
  • Students may not stand in the “paint” to defend but must remain around the perimeter.
  • Game is over when all yarn balls are in the “paint.”

W.O.W. (words of wisdom)

  • For added “special effects,” we use two large paint covers from the school district’s facilities department to use as targets.
  • Students are not permitted to stand on the covers and may only defend around the perimeter.
  • When playing these games, we often do not keep score because there are so many points scored at the same time.
  • Most of our games do not have clear-cut “winners or losers” we just run out of time.


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