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Over a 4-Leaf Clover

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Here’s an obstacle course idea for grades 1-4.  
Submitted by Elise Studer Smith, Sunman, Indiana.


“I’m Climbing Over A Four Leaf Clover” is an obstacle course/station activity we do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each March.

Equipment: Gymnastic benches, mats, parachute, beams, bar, horizontal ladder, hoops, basketballs, pylons, jump ropes.

Format: The students do the activities at the following stations.

1. Walk across bench, stepping over four leaf clovers.
2. Roll down the wedge mat (forward, backward).
3. Go through the Leprechaun Forest (parachute over mats stood on end) one at a time.
4. Walk across low balance beam, stepping over the clovers.
5. Climb over stacked mats. Jump down, bending knees when landing.
6. Skin the cat or flip over the bars or do a forward roll on the mat.
7. Students travel backward on the 1st & 3rd bench and forward on the middle bench.
8. Go across the monkey bars.
9. Hop or leap from one hoop to the next, going over the shamrocks.
10. Dribble the ball around the 4 pylons.
11. Jump rope 20 times.

Closing Thoughts: Please feel free to use whatever equipment you have to create this activity.

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