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Ornaments in the Attic

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A fun Christmas game for grades K-3.  Submitted by Sue Friesner, Osceola, Indiana.

Background: This is a fun Christmas theme relay to share with your students!


- 8 poster boards with a Christmas tree drawn on them.
- Ellis Die Christmas ornaments (16 of each shape). Each shape is a different color. These include stars, candy canes, snowmen, teddy bears, bells, angels, bows, candles, snow flakes and/or gingerbread men.
- Poly spots, cones, Frisbees, dome cones, etc.

Set-Up: Divide the class into eight relay teams. Each team has a poster board with a large Christmas tree drawn on it. Spread out in the center of the gym are poly spots, cones, Frisbees, and dome cones. A Christmas ornament is placed under each object. Show the different patterns to the students before beginning the activity.

How We Do It: Line the teams up in relay formation. Each team is given a specific ornament to decorate their tree. For example, Team #1 will look for the 16 candy canes, Team #2 will search for the 16 snowmen, etc. The first person runs out and has three chances to find the team’s ornaments. If he finds the ornament, he returns to the line and tags the next person. The ornament is placed on his team’s tree. In addition to the ornamants, each team will need to find a star to place at the top of the tree.

Storyline: We use this cute storyline to help our students get into the spirit of the relay. “Last year, the Christmas ornaments were misplaced all over the attic. The attic is such a mess. You’ll probably have to look under the objects to find the decorations you’ll need to decorate your team’s tree for Christmas.”

1. Each team needs to decorate with two of every ornament pattern. Have laminated index cards listing all the designs.

2. Have each group find the ornaments in a specific order. Have laminated index cards with each team’s order.

Have Fun! Continue until at least 3-4 teams have their trees decorated. We play Christmas music during the activity.

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