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On the Spot


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Here’s another good warm-up activity for grades K-3.  
Submitted by Margaret Hollon, Huber Heights, Ohio.


Here is a fun locomotor and physical fitness warm-up activity that has proven to be very successful with our younger students.

Equipment: 25-30 multi-colored poly spots, scattered on the floor. They are marked with squares, triangles, circles and X’s.

How To Play: Students are given a locomotor skill to perform on a signal. On a stop signal, they are to stand on the spot closest to them. Then I give the students exercises to perform, as follows:

“All green spots do 10 push-ups.”

“All the circles do 15 crab push-ups; everyone else do 20 half jacks.”

“All the squares do 6 jump turns; everyone else jog in place for 15 seconds.”

The locomotor skill changes each time they travel again, such as skip, jog, gallop, march, silly walk, etc. The same activity can be used with older students by requiring more repetitions and/or more difficult exercises.

Other: I sometimes close by removing a spot or two at a time, much like musical chairs. The “spotless” students are still given exercises to do, like sitting in a phantom chair, dribbling a pretend basketball, etc.

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