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Noun Hunters


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This activity is great for re-viewing the different parts of speech (ex: noun, verb, adjective) as a fun and cooperative group activity.


- Consonant Cards (teacher-made cards 2″ x 2″ square with a consonant written on one side)
- Music 
- 8-10 cones to designate teams
- Vowel Strip (a strip of paper with a, e, i , o, u written on it)

The students are divided into 8-10 teams and stand around the perimeter of the gym. Each team is given a Vowel Strip with the consonant cards placed (face down) in the center of the gym.

First, we provide the students with a quick review on nouns (ex: types of nouns and examples). When the music starts, one student from each group runs to the middle of the gym, selects a consonant card, and returns with it to the group. This continues relay-style until the consonant cards are gone. When the music stops, the students use the consonants and the Vowel Strip to build as many nouns as possible from the letters gotten from the pile.

Here is another variation to consider: Give points for each noun. One point for three letter words, 2 points for words that contain four letters, 3 points for five letter words, etc. Award bonus points if they spell the name of a player in their class or group.

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