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No Jump Volleyball


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A fantastic volleyball lead-up for grades 7-8.  
Submitted by Neil Williams, Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, Connecticut. 


Background: No-Jump Volleyball is an excellent lead-up volleyball game that is very useful in heterogeneous and co-educational groupings of students. Because it limits the ability of stronger, more skilled and taller students to dominate play, it allows less talented participants to actually take part in the game. Our physical education majors like to play and the game works very well at the high school level because it “collapses” the wide range of volleyball skills among the students in the class.

Area: Standard volleyball courts with nets at the appropriate height for the age group (perhaps 6.5 feet to 7.5 feet high)

Equipment: One pair of standards and a volleyball per game; the number of players is variable.

How We Play It: This game is essentially like standard volleyball and most of the normal rules and procedures apply. For example, the server may put the ball into play with an underhand serve from any point on the court, but older players should be encouraged to serve from closer to or beyond the end line. The server should have the chance to be successful, regardless of strength or skill.

The “No-Jump” Rule: Play proceeds as in “normal” volleyball with the teams rallying until one of them fails to make a fair return. But with the addition of the “no jump” rule, there are a few rule modifications to consider. For example:

1.) The only important difference from standard play is that no one is permitted to jump while returning the ball over the net. Players may jump for any other type of shot.

2). If a player jumps while returning the ball over the net, it is a side-out.

Other Modifications: Points are scored as in normal volleyball, but the server is limited to three consecutive successful serves. If the serving team wins three consecutive points, they rotate and a new player takes over the serving role.

Reduces Fear and Increases the Fun! The key to the game is the “no-jump” rule. It minimizes the ability of bigger, stronger, more talented students to dominate the game and allows lesser skilled players to participate to a much fuller degree. The ball is rarely hit “down” or hit particularly hard, so the rallies are longer and the shots are gentler. This promotes true skill development as well as enjoyment and it eliminates the fear, danger, and intimidation so common in the usual versions of the game played in schools. Instead of worrying about getting injured by a spike or smash, even the weakest players will be able to attempt a dig, bump, or return. The game challenges and appeals to the highly skilled players as well. Games may be played for appropriate point totals or time limits.

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