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Dick Samaria from Belmont, Maine submitted this fun throwing or kicking game.  4-6



Background: Here is a fun throwing and/or kicking game that our students love!

Equipment Needed:
- 12 red cones
- 12 green cones
- 12 yellow cones
- 12 blue cones
- Footballs and/or soccer balls

Set Up: In this activity, the class is divided into four teams. Each team lines up as shown on the following page. Team A is playing against Team B and Team C is playing against Team D. Each team is given as many footballs/soccerballs as are available.


On the teacher’s signal, the students begin throwing the footballs at their 12 cones. The first team to get all 12 cones down is the winner. If the two teams are not able to knock down all of the cones in the first round, the two teams gather the balls and do a second round as directed by the teacher. Each team may throw or kick, depending on the skill you are practicing. When a team knocks all of the cones down, they add up the cones remaining on their opponents’ side. For example, if there were three cones remaining, they would earn 3 points. At the end of a quarter, the teams reset the cones and start again. After playing four quarters, the games are over.

Other: We play using a Round Robin format so each team gets to play all of the other three teams. For example:


You can vary the number of cones and throwing distances as needed. Also, we sometimes add a 5th quarter if there is a tie.

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