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New Cotton-Eyed Joe

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Here’s a line dance for grades K-5.  
Submitted by Jan Bierschbach, Millbank, South Dakota.


This line dance was created because many of my students had a difficult time performing the “step-ball-change” (step-together-step) movement in the original “Cotton-Eyed Joe” dance. By using the modern version of Cotton-Eyed Joe from the Rednex cassette tape called “Sex and Violins,” we came up with this version that our kids love!

Music: “Cotton-Eyed Joe” from the tape by Rednex “Sex and Violins.”


Clap and stomp – 32 times
Knee Bends with one arm overhead as if twirling a rope – 8 times (using 16 counts)

Pattern #1:
(Vocal begins) Grapevine to the right – side-back-side-stomp (Four counts)
Grapevine to the left – side-back-side-stomp (Four counts)

Pattern #2:
Four step-kicks – with claps – in place. (Step on right foot, kick left foot, step on left foot, kick right foot, etc. (Eight counts)

Pattern #3:
Walk forward three steps and do a knee lift with a clap on the fourth beat (Four counts)
Walk back three steps and do a knee lift with a clap on the fourth beat (Four counts)
Repeat walking forward and back, except quickly clap two times instead of one. On the last beat while walking back, make a 1/4 turn to the right. (Total of 8 counts)

The dance continues by having the students repeat patterns #1-#3 to the end of the music. We hope you and your students enjoy this new version of “Cotton-Eyed Joe.” Our kids think it is the best!

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