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NASPE’s Teacher Tool Box, Part 2

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Here are two activities based on national/state standards. K-8
NASPE’s Teacher Tool Box, Part 2

Background: Speaking of NASPE, its Public Relations Committee is responsible for the Teacher Tool Box, a relatively new online teacher resource. As Chair of this committee, I would like to urge each of you to consider becoming a member of AAHPERD/NASPE. More information can be found on the NASPE website (

K-12 Teacher Tool Box

If you are interested in implementing a curriculum based on national/state standards, NASPE is the place to be! Here are two activity ideas for your consideration.

Reverse Fishing (Elementary School)

NASPE Standards
Standard One: Motor skills and movement patterns
Standard Five: Respectful personal/social behavior

Directions: Divide the students into pairs (or teams of 3). Each student needs a beanbag and the team needs a hoop. Place the hoop a certain distance from the throwing line. The first student from each team throws the fish (beanbag) towards the hoop attempting to get the fish to land in the pond (hoop).


If the student is successful, he retrieves the beanbag and runs to the teacher to get a clothespin. If the student is unsuccessful, then he retrieves the beanbag and goes to the end of his team’s line. The second thrower then tosses his beanbag.

Play the game a few minutes for practice. Then have the pairs challenge another team (the team standing next to them) to see which team can get the most clothespins. After playing for a short amount of time, have the teams determine which team got the most clothespins. Have the losing team congratulate the winning team. Have the winning team offer a comment to the losing team (thanks for playing, nice game, etc.). To make the throwing more challenging, substitute foxtails for the beanbags.

Human Pinball (Middle School)

NASPE Standards:
Standard One: Motor skills and movement patterns
Standard Four: Health enhancing level of physical fitness
Standard Five: Respectful personal/social behavior

Directions: Have the students line up in a rectangle around the boundary lines of a half basketball court. On command, all students begin walking in a straight line until they reach the far side of the pinball table (out of bounds line). At that point, they “rebound” and head for another side of the table (court). Another side of the table may be on an angle across the center of the table.

This continues for a certain period of time. In the process the students may not stop, nor may they collide with a classmate. After the class begins to get the motion of the pinball type motion, have the students jog instead of walk. If they get very good, have them run the patterns.

Variations: The activity may be played as a tag team activity. One person starts on the “table.” He/she must touch at least three different points before returning to the partner and allowing the partner to begin a table pattern.

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