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Muscle Trek

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Muscle Trek will help your students gain in both knowledge of specific muscles groups and important physical activity concepts.

- Teacher-made MuscleNameCards
- Basketballs
- Equipment for six exercise stations.
- 26 Cones with alphabet letters

CLASS SET-UP: Place the 26 cones with A-Z signs taped to each cone in the playing area as shown. Provide each student with a basketball and a Muscle Name Card. Around the perimeter set-up six different exercise stations using available equipment.

HOW TO PLAY: On the teacher’s signal, the students read their Muscle Name card and dribble the basketball to touch the lettered cones to spell out the muscle name. After the muscle name has been spelled, the students go to one of the six exercise stations and perform the activity. Please see the following pages for sample muscle names and exercise station directions.


- It may be helpful to give your students clothespins to pin the Muscle Card to their shirts so both hands are free during this activity.
- Try this! Place the Muscle Cards in a container. Have each student select a new card after each round.

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